.htaccess builder

Simply copy the entire “htaccess_builder” folder to your web server.

If you uploaded it to the root of your domain, simply go to:


You are not allowed to share access to this script with the public! Make sure you use .htaccess (or another form of authorization) to secure the directory!! – What better way to try .htaccess Builder!!

Usage is pretty strait forward as well. Click on a tab associated with your desired function. Fill in the fields and click submit in the upper right hand corner.

When you click submit, it will show you the results of your function, with options to save, email or copy and paste.

If you click the “Save” button, it will prompt you to save the results as a file. If you are on a MS Windows machine, you will want to save as:


Upload htaccess.txt to your server (inside the desired directory) and then rename it to


View that directory in your browser to make sure your results are as desired!

You can also copy and paste right into an existing .htaccess file; or you can email the results (to yourself or a direct client) and copy and paste them from the email to an existing .htaccess file.

Before purchasing you should have verified that your server is configured to utilize the htaccess file!! If not, please follow these instructions to make sure your server does in fact allow you to use the htaccess file!

Every Server Is Unique!!!

I have used the most universal code available so that it will work on the majority of common server configurations. If your results are not as expected please read up about that particular function at:

Video Help

I have created several videos about .htaccess Builder

  • Email, Download, and/or Copy & Paste your custom htaccess file!
  • Cache Control for 12 most common file types
    • js, pdf, swf, gif, jpg, png, ico, icon, text, html, css, flv
  • Allow/Deny Open Directory Listing
  • Hide Files or file types from open directories
  • Default Files – Change or add default files / types
  • htpasswd Generator – encrypt passwords for htpasswd
  • Set the path to the htpasswd file
  • Set the path to the htgroup file
  • Allow/Deny lists – by IP or host name
  • Custom Message for login prompt
  • Default order of Allow/Deny (or Deny/Allow)
  • Set Satisfy to Any or All
  • Custom Error pages for the 20 most common server errors
  • C14N – AKA Canonicalization – a $10 word for www or no www!
  • 301 (permanent) Redirects – with From and To Fields!
  • 302 (temporary) Redirects – with From and To Fields!
  • CGI Execution as well as extension options
  • SSI Inclusion with extension options
  • Symbolic Links (w/ or w/o owner match)
  • Forcing SSL and where to
  • Spam Bot blocker – 7 of the most irritating spam bots
  • Bad Bot blocker – block 76 unruly bots

If you need more help have a look at:

If you are unable to solve the issue buy the above reading; feel free to email me at the link provided above. If I cannot verify you have purchased this script I cannot help you.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this .htaccess Builder script. As I said at the beginning, I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this .htaccess Builder script. No guarantees, but I’ll do my best to assist.