CodeCanyon Items

Product Documentation

  • CodeCanyon Scipts

    Documentation for various CodeFusion scripts
    • Code Repository | Snippet Manager

      Code Repository / Snippet Manager is a place you can save all your snippets of code.

    • Code Repository & Snippet Manager Pro

      A is a place you can save all your snippets of code.

    • Database Code Generator

      DBCG was built to save time when working with a database. It hooks into your database and generates HTML and PHP code that you can copy and paste into your project.

    • Error & Event Logger

      Catches and Logs all system events.

    • CraigsList Listing Tool

      Sell your stuff faster with a professional listing! Designed for Sales Agents in mind. This tool is super user friendly and does not require any coding knowledge Built for Craigslist – Flawless on Ebay! – Fact, it should work any place you can use standard HTML!

  • Wordpress Plugins

    Documentation for various CodeFusion WordPress Plugins
    • Securus Yubikey Two Factor Authentication

      Securus adds Yubikey 2nd Factor Authentication to WordPress with a simple plugin.

    • Intrant Yubikey One Touch Login

      One Button Signon allows users to sign into Wordpress with the single touch of thier Yubikey. No username, no password - just their Yubikey. A user must be registered with the Wordpress site with a userame and password - then they can enable One Button Signon to expedite the login process.

    • Nuntius SMS Two Factor Authentication

      Nuntius adds 2nd Factor Authentication by SMS Text message verification code. A 6 digit code is send to your SMS device (phone). You enter that number in the WordPress login box in order to login.